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Missouri Archaeology Month

September 2014 will be Missouri's seventeenth annual Archaeology Month, sponsored by the Missouri Archaeological Society and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Archaeology Month is a state-wide celebration of archaeology held every September. Events include an Annual Fall Symposium and distribution of the Missouri Archaeological Society's educational poster to over 10,000 schools, institutions, and members.

Would you like to host an Archaeology Month event? The 2014 theme is More than Shelter, the Archaeology of Caves and Shelters, but we encourage programs on any archaeological topic. Some suggestions for events are: lecture(s), exhibit(s), film(s), artifact identification workshop(s), field trip(s), etc.
You may arrange as many events as you like within the Archaeology Month period from September 1–30. For each program, please define the event (presentation, field trip, exhibit, etc.), create a schedule, arrange a meeting space, and arrange for publicity in the form of flyers/radio announcements, etc. The MAS office will distribute the finished program listing your event in the next issue of the MAS Quarterly and on the MAS website. Information will also be emailed to the MAS membership and local media. We strongly encourage local chapters to arrange and coordinate Archaeology Month events.

Click here to download a program planning form for your 2014 Archaeology Month event.

Request a copy of a previous poster:

To see images of some of our posters, follow this link; some copies of posters from previous years are still available. To request free copies of Archaeology Month posters, please contact the MAS office. Please note that if you are a nonmember who resides outside of the state of Missouri, you must send $3.50 to cover the cost of materials and postage.

Fall Symposium 2014

The Archaeology Month Symposium will be September 20 at Graham Cave State Park in Danville, Missouri. The 2014 Symposium will be in conjunction with the Park’s Archaeology Day. It is also the Park’s 50th anniversary and many displays and activities are planned. Mark your calendars and join us for this fun day in honor of Missouri Archaeology Month and Graham Cave State Park. Additional information on this symposium will be announced later in the Archaeology Month program and on this MAS website.

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