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Missouri Archaeology Month

September 2016 was be Missouri's eighteenth annual Archaeology Month. Archaeology Month is a state-wide celebration of archaeology held every September. Events include an Annual Fall Symposium and distribution of the Missouri Archaeological Society's educational poster to over 10,000 schools, institutions, and members. The 2016 theme is The Atlatl in

See the Archaeology Month events listing.

Request a copy of a poster:

To see images of some of our posters, follow this link; some copies of posters from previous years are still available. To request free copies of Archaeology Month posters, please contact the MAS office. Please note that if you are a nonmember who resides outside of the state of Missouri, you must send $3.50 to cover the cost of materials and postage.

Fall Symposium 2016

The 2016 Archaeology Month theme was The Atlatl in Missouri. The Symposium was October 1 at Van Meter State Park in Miami, Missouri. It featured presentations by Dave Cain, Jim Feagins, Justin Garnett, Ryan Grohsmeyer, Larry Kinsella, Richard Martens, Ron Mertz, Eric Smith, and John Whittaker about atlatl and bannerstone use.
After the presentations, Dave Cain demonstrated his atlatl 'machine' designed to mimic the critical aspects of a stationary atlatl throw. Then, Jon Wood and Jerry Nevins of the Missouri Atlatl Association gave an atlatl demonstration and attendees had the chance to try one out for themselves.

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