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The Society produces a poster in honor of Missouri Archaeology Month annually.

Click here to request a free poster. Posters prior to 2008 vary in size. Those printed after 2008 measure 18-x-24 inches. Bulk quantities of some years are available for use in classrooms or other group meetings. Note that if you reside in a state other than Missouri, you must send $3.50 for postage, materials, and handling.

Posters from 2002 through 2015

2002 (out of print)


2003 (out of print)

2002 Poster   2003 Poster

2004 (out of print)



2004 Poster   2005 Poster

2007 (out of print)


2008 (out of print)

2007 Poster   2008 Poster




2009 Poster   2010 MAS Poster








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