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Executive Committee ICA

Charley AdamsUSAChair: Charley Adams, Ph.D. (USA)
Chair of the Executive Committee of the ICA


Clinical Assistant Professor

University of South Carolina

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Arnold School of Public Health

Email: cfadams@mailbox.sc.edu 


    Chair Elect: Susanne Cook (USA)

    Secretary:    Katarzyna Węsierska (Poland)   

        Treasurer:   Dan Hudock (USA)

Chairs, Consumer Issues

The Netherlands

Rutger Wilhelm

Rutger Wilhelm, (The Netherlands)

Email: clutteringspeech@outlook.com


Person who clutters. 









                          Paul Blanchet, Ph.D., (USA)

                          Affiliation: State University of New York at Fredonia 

                          Email: Paul_Blanchet@baylor.edu  

                          Website: http://www.baylor.edu/csd/index.php?id=91251

  Tanya Exum, MA, (USA)

  Lacey A. Heid, (USA) 


Chair, Family Issues Committee 

JonathanWongJonathan Wong, (USA)USA

Parent of a child who clutters 

Email: Wongman1@hotmail.com 


Anne Nguyen, Volunteer (Parent of a child who clutters)                                  

Clinical Issues Committee

Yvonne van ZaalenChair: Yvonne van Zaalen- op't Hof, Ph.D. (The Netherlands)

Lecturer at Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Eindhoven, the Netherlands; email: y.vanzaalen@fontys.nl

Stuttering therapist at the Centre for Fluency Disorders







   - Florence Myers (USA):  myersbellport@optonline.net  or


   - David Ward (UK):         d.ward@reading.ac.uk

   - Ellen Bennett (USA):     ellen.lanouette@gmail.com

Research/Academic Committee

David wardUKChair David Ward, PhD, MRCSLT, Reg. HPC (UK)

The University of Reading, UK



The Apple House Centre for Stammering, Warneford Hospital

Oxford, UK

    Email: d.ward@reading.ac.uk



- Charley Adams, Ph.D., SLP (USA):          charley@sc.edu

- Klaas Bakker, Ph.D., SLP (USA):            KlaasBakker@missouristate.edu

- Paul Blanchet, Ph.D., (USA):                    Paul_Blanchet@baylor.edu

- Susan Block, Ph.D., SLP (Australia):         S.Block@latrobe.edu.au  

- Yulia O. Filatova, Ph.D., SLP, (Russia):     yofilatova@yandex.ru

- Isabella Reichel, Ph.D., SLP, (USA):         fluencyren@aol.com

- Deborah Rhein (USA):                              drhein@nmsu.edu

Membership Committee

USAEllen BennettChair:    Ellen Bennett Lanouette, Ph.D.,

              CCC-SLP, BRS-FD, (USA)











                                  - Laura Overton (membership directory): 




Website and Communications Committee

Klaas BakkerUSAChair:

Klaas Bakker, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Webmaster ICA

Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, USA





- Charley Adams, USA (editor of ICA Newsletter)

- Emily Garnett, USA

- Dan Hudock, USA

- Judy Kuster, USA




Committee of International Representatives

Chair: USA


Isabella ReichelIsabella Reichel, Ed.D.,

Associate Professor

Graduate Program in Speech Pathology,

Touro College, New York

Email: Fluencyren@aol.com









Advisor to International Representatives:


Juris DragunsJuris G. Draguns, Ph.D.,   

Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Pennsylvania State University.


Email: jgd1@psu.edu









                                 Argentina: Beatriz Biain de Touzet, MA

                                 Speech language pathologist.

                                 Stuttering Professor at the Buenos Aires University

                                  Honoris President of Argentina Stuttering Association                

                                  Email: beatrizbiain@gmail.com

                                  Web: www.aat.org.ar                   

Spanish Translation


    Lic. Busto Marolt, LauraArgentina

    Speech Language Therapist

    Stuttering Specialist


Spanish Translation


Claudia DiazArgentina

Claudia Diaz

Language therapist and specialist in stuttering.


Spanish Translation








Australia                                   Australia: Susan Block, Ph.D.,        

     Email: S.Block@latrobe.edu.au







Claudia dAndradeBrazil: Claudia Regina Furquim De Andrade, Ph.DFile:Flag of Brazil.svg

School of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo. Full Professor.

Lab of Fluency and Fluency Disorders; Dysphagia and Facial Functions. Coordinator

Email:  clauan@usp.br









Miglena SimonskaBulgaria

Bulgaria: Sen. Assist. Prof. Miglena Simonska

South-West University "Neofit Rilski"

Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Logopedics

Email: msimonska@yahoo.com


Bulgarian Translation (Bulgarian translation)






Marjan Cosyns

Belgium: Marjan Cosyns, PhD

Ghent University,

Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Mailing address:

    UZ Gent 2P1

    De Pintelaan 185

    9000 Gent, Belgium

 Email: marjan.cosyns@ugent.be





Carla Di Domenicantonio


Carla Di Domenicantonio, M.H.Sc.

Email: www.thespeechpath.ca 








Canada                                   Francis Patrick Duldulao

                                   Volunteer; student majoring in linguistics and cognitive science

                                   Email: francispatrickd@gmail.com



                         Czech Republic

Karel Neubauer

Czech Republic:

Karel Neubauer, PhD.,

Assoc. Professor, Head of SLT practice

Department of Special Education and

   Speech-Language Therapy

University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Medical Speech-Language Therapy Practice, Česká LípaSupport.

Psychotherapy for Persons with Disorders of Communication

Email: karel.neubauer@post.cz




Flag Chile

Adolfo Andres Barrales Diaz


Adolfo Andrés Barrales Díaz, Fonoaudiólogo

Speech Language Pathologist and Ericksonian  Psychotherapist

Chair Chilean Association of Stuttering,

    “Grupo de Amigos de Personas con Tartamudez, Chile”

  External Professor and Relator for the Faculty of Sciences,

  Universidad de Chile

  Email: gaptartamudezchile@gmail.com




Angela Choi(China) Hong Kong:Hong Kong

Angela Kar-Yin Choi, M.A.

Speech Language Pathologist,

Hong Kong Speech & Swallowing Therapy Centre.

Representative, Hong Kong Stuttering Support Group.

Email: choiaky@gmail.com 

Chinese Translations




Maria Paphiti Cyprus

Republic of Cyprus:

Maria Paphiti, M.A., CCC-SLP

Ministry of Education and Culture

E-mail: maria@cyprus.com



    Flag of France

Veronique Aumont Boucand

 France:  Véronique Aumont Boucand, MA 

 Speech therapist, and instructor in fluency disorders

 University of Paris  

 Email: vero.aumont@orange.fr 








Alexandra Schnell

Germany:German Flag

Alexandra Schnell, BS in communication disorders

Speech Language Therapist

Email: Alexandra.Schnell@web.de

Deutsch  (Originally: Manon Spruit, with Edits made by Alexandra Schnell)







Judit BonaHungary:

Judit Bóna, PhD,

Faculty of Humanities Department of Phonetics

Eötvös Loránd University

Budapest, Hungary

Email: bona.judit@btk.elte.hu







Iceland: Johanna Einarsdottir

Email: jeinars@khs.is

School of Education

University of Iceland




Pallavi KelkarIndia  India: Pallavi Kelkar, Ph.D.

  Speech Language Pathologist, Pune, India 
  Email: http://www.utterperfection.co.in/ 




Muhammad Ishom

Indonesia:  Muhammad IshomIndonesia

Volunteer, interested in cluttering
Email: ishom_solo@yahoo.com

Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian translation)




Mehdi Dehghan

Iran:  Mehdi Dehghan, M.Sc., in SLP

Faculty of the Babol University of Medical Sciences

Department of Speech Language Pathology

Email: m.dehghan26@gmail.com




Ruth Ezrati VinacourIsrael

Israel: Ruth Ezrati-Vinacour, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer; speech and language pathologist
Dept. of Communication Disorders
Sackler Faculty of Medicine
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Email: ruthez@post.tau.ac.il 




Mei-Tal Halevy

Mei-Tal Halevy
Speech language pathologist
Geriatric Rehabilitation
The Sheba Medical Center
Tel Hashomer
Tel Aviv University, Israel



Shoko MyiamotoJapanJapan: Shoko Miyamoto, Ph.D., Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist
Mejiro University
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy
Email: miyamoto@mejiro.ac.jp



 Jordan:   Maisa Haj-Tas, Ph.D. 

 University of Jordan

 Amman, Jordan


 Arabic Translation 





Reina Remman RmeihLebanon: Ms. Reina Remman RmeihFlag of Lebanon

Speech and Language Therapist

Private clinic, Beirut, Lebanon

E-mail: reina.remman@gmail.com





Vilma Makauskiene

LithuaniaLithuania: Vilma Makauskiene, Ph.D.,
Psychologist and Speech Pathologist

Email: vilmos@takas.lt





Nermin TelovskaMacedonia: Ms. Nermin TelovskaFile:Flag of Macedonia.svg

Speech Language Pathologist

Institution for Hearing, Speech and Voice Rehabilitation


Email: t.nermin@yahoo.com







Flag of Malta.svg

Joseph Agius

Malta:     Dr. Joseph Agius,

University of Malta and European Clinical Specialization

in Fluency Disorders (ECSF)

Email: joseph.g.agius@gmail.com






Coen Winkelman

The Netherlands: Coen Winkelman, BSThe Netherlands

Speech Language Therapist

Email: winkelman.trainingen@hetnet.nl


Nederlandse Vertaling (Dutch translation by Manon Spruit)



Netherlands AntillesDavisha Awani

    Netherlands Antilles (St. Maarten):

    Davisha Arti Alwani, BA

    Speech therapist, White and Yellow Cross Foundation

    St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles St Maarten Flag

    Email:  davisha.alwani@gmail.com 







Grace Ademola

   Nigeria: Mrs. Grace A.A.Ademola-Sokoya

   National Orthopaedic Hospital

   Speech Therapy Department

   P.M.B 2009, IGBOBI, Lagos.Nigeria

   Email: graceoverflow2005@yahoo.com  






              Hilda Sonsterrud              


Hilda Sřnsterud, logopedist/speech language pathologist
Email: hilda.sonsterud@statped.no 

Statped, Department of Speech and Language Disorders


Ragnhild HeitmanNorwayRagnhild Rekve Heitman, logopedist/speech language pathologist
Email: ragnhild.r.heitmann@statped.no


Zbigniew TarkowskiPoland:Flag of Poland

Zbigniew Tarkowski, Ph.D.,

Professor at the Medical University in Lublin

Department of Pathology and Rehabilitation of Speech,

and founder of the Orator Foundation  in Lublin.






Jolanta PolrolaFlag of PolandJolanta  Góral- Półrola Ph.D

Neurological Ward, Hospital Morawica,

Kielce School of Economy, Tourism and Social Sciences

Email: jgp@etins.edu.pl







Jacque Carmona


Jaqueline Carmona,

Speech Language Therapist 

Lecturer for Disfluency Disorders at Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoităo, Dept. of Speech Therapy


Email:  jaqueline.carmona@gmail.com



Flag of Puerto Rico


Edna_CarloPuerto Rico:

Edna J. Carlo, M.S. CCC-SLP, BCS-F,

Speech Language Therapist

Associate Professor at the University of Puerto Rico

Email: edna.carlo@upr.edu







Yulia Filatova 



Yulia Filatova, PhD,
Email: yofilatova@yandex.ru

Русский перевод (Russian translation)




File:Flag of Scotland.svgRobin Lickley


Dr R. J. Lickley, Reader

Speech Science Research Centre
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh,

Email: rlickley@qmu.ac.uk





Flag Shri Lanka  

Shalinie Felicity Wickremesooriya

Shri Lanka:

Shalini Felicity Wickremesooriya, M.Ed, ADPsyC

Consultant Speech & Language Therapist & Counselling PsychologistRepresentative of International Stuttering Association

Sole Provider of “The Listening Programme”

Lanka Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd., Colombo 5.

Email: shafel02@yahoo.com




Dina LilianSouth Africa:

Dina Lilian, Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist

Stuttering Clinic, Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Ctr.

Chairperson Speakeasy South Africa


Representative of International Stuttering Association

Email: dina.lilian@gmail.com






Dr. Sami Yassin

Sudan: Sami Awad Yasin, Ph.D.,

Clinical psychologist

Email: samiyasin2@yahoo.com










Cecilia LundstromSweden:

Cecilia Lundström, Ph.D., 

Speech Language Pathologist

Instructor at the Department of Logopedics and Phoniatrics

University of Lund

Email: cecilia.lundstrom@skane.se






Shu Lan Yang Taiwan:       

 Shu-Lan Yang, Ph. D. & Professor

 Dept. of Special Education

 The National Pingtun University 


 Email:  shuyang0928@gmail.com       







Tanzania:Flag Tanzania

John Bosco Kambanga

Speech Language Therapist

Muhimbili National Hospital

Department of Otolaryngology

Email address: jbkambanga@yahoo.co.uk





Sumalee Dechongkit, Ph.D.,Flag of Thailand

Department of Otolaryngology

Faculty of Medicine,

Ramathibodi Hospital

Email: rasdc@mahidol.ac.th 




Sertan Ozdemire img

 Turkey:Flag of Thailand

 R. Sertan Özdemir, Ph.D.,

 Assistant Professor, Speech and Language Therapist

 Speech and Language Therapy Department

 Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey

 Email: serttano@gmail.com, rsozdemir@medipol.edu.tr







Nanjaya nathan Ceasar


Nanjaya Nathan Ceasar,

Mbale Regional Refferal Hospital

Speech and Language Therapist, Counsellor, Person who Clutters

Email. cyzana@yahoo.co.uk






David wardUK

United Kingdom:

David Ward, Ph.D.,

Email: d.ward@reading.ac.uk





Isabella ReichelUSAUnited States:

Isabella Reichel, Ed.D.,
Email: Fluencyren@aol.com


Anjea Earl Ray USA

Anjea E. Ray, M.S. CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Person who clutters

University Medical Center at Brackenridge

Austin, TX

Email: anjea214@gmail.com