To become member, or to contact the ICA


At this time there are no costs associated with becoming member of the International Cluttering Association. It is run exclusively by volunteers around the globe and devoted to the interests of people who clutter. Members may be people who clutter or family members, speech language therapists/logopedists, or interested others. It is understood that there are countries where there may be little help available for those who clutter. This is particularly a reason to become member and assist in developing adjusted forms of (self-)help in these cases.   


To become member, all that is needed is to fill out a form (Registration Form in *pdf or Registration Form in Word) and send it to Ellen Bennett. It is most convenient if you return your form by email, but you may also send your form to:

    Ellen M. Bennett, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD
    705 Tilbury Court

    Sun City Center, FL  33573



It is also possible to approach country representatives. On this website under "About Us" you may find out if your country has a representative who can help you connect with the ICA, or answer questions about it.



Other contacts


To contact the ICA for other reasons:

    Regarding the ICA as an organization:  (Charley Adams, Coordinator)

    Regarding this website: (Klaas Bakker, Webmaster)

    About membership of the ICA: (Ellen Bennett, Membership)