What's New?


August 15. During the 2018 World Congress of the IFA, ICA and ISA (Hiroshima, Japan) the so-called TPA-CC document (Three-Pronged Approach to the Conceptualization of Cluttering) was made public. The TPA-CC was presented during a keynote by Florence Myers, Charley Adams and Susanne Cook.  The document contains a clinical conceptualization of the nature of cluttering and can be accessed from the ICA homepage.  The TPA-CC was developed by an ICA ad hoc committee comprised of Florence Myers, Klaas Bakker, Susanne Cook, Isabella Reichel, Ken St. Louis and Yvonne van Zaalen.  The TPA-CC was approved by the ICA Board in May 2017.


August 15. The ICA held a membership meeting during the 2018 World Congress (ICA, IFA and ISA) in Hiroshima, Japan. A summary of the Minutes of this meeting is available here (*.pfd).


May 31. While the new ICA Newsletter is about to be published, we noticed that the Newsletter from earlier this year (January, 2018) was never entered into the archive. Apologies for the inconvenience! While most members should get Newsletters through email this apparently isn't always the case. So, now everyone can view the last and all previous newsletters in the archive! Nonmembers are welcome to check them out and get to know us better. The January Newsletter is particularly important for information regarding the 2018 World Congress (ICA, IFA and ISA!), which will be held in Hiroshima, Japan, in July (2018).

If you are member and are not receiving Newsletters, or other information from the ICA, please let us know (any board member, or the webmaster can help with this) so we can try to better to reach you with ICA related information.


January 17. Thanks to Karel Neubauer, representative for the Czech Republic, there now is a Czech translation of the PCI available (PDF and Word format).