Where to look for help if one clutters

This section provides suggestions for how to look for help for one's cluttering. The suggestions are categorized according to country, and available only for some of the countries that have representatives in the ICA. In a number of  cases specific names of clinicians are suggested. Be sure to read our disclaimer that pertains to these recommendations. In other cases general information is provided only, or links to organizations that may be able to provide different forms of help (or self-help). It is assumed that these organizations bear the responsibility for the information they provide. It is anticipated that this page will continue to grow at a regular basis.

The ICA is presently working on suggestions for clinical help in situations where treatment may be (1) difficult to locate, (2) not affordable to most people, or (3) simply unavailable in one's own immediate area. We are looking for alternative ways to provide help in these situations. This information will likely at least contain information about what cluttering is (see also: What is cluttering?). Any help starts with understanding what cluttering is so that it can be recognized by individuals who think they may have this problem, as well as others close to them. We will attempt to translate this information into multiple languages, while the nature of the suggestions will need to be adapted to the specifics of the regions targeted. Please check regularly if information has become available for you. Also, if you have any helpful information for us that pertains to your area, please drop us a note about this (Klaas Bakker, webmaster: KlaasBakker@missouristate.edu). We can not be aware of all situations of people who clutter and depend on feedback from you to share the best possible information with others in your area.


Help by country


   The following information in a number of cases contains names of speech-language therapists (logopedists) who have expressed interest in working with cluttering clients or who have worked with cluttering clients.  The ICA makes no guarantee regarding the quality of the speech-language-therapists (SLTs) listed and is not allied with any of them.  The listed information is not regulated and there is currently no cluttering certification available for SLTs.  Please contact an SLT directly with questions about their competency in treating cluttering clients.

    Use of this directory is voluntary and will not result in any liability against ICA. In no event shall ICA be liable for damages to any user of the directory for the voluntary selection of any professional, for the services provided by any companies and individuals listed herein, or for any other damages which may occur.  

Countries (so far; arranged alphabetically):




        United States of America





The country representative for Germany, Manon Abbink-Spruit, reports that almost all speech language pathologists are routinely trained in stuttering, and that cluttering is dealt with in this coursework. People from Germany can find a speech language pathologist/logopedist at www.ivs-online.de.



The country representative for the Netherlands, Manon Abbink-Spruit, reports that almost all speech language pathologists are routinely trained in stuttering, and that cluttering is dealt with in this coursework. People in the Netherlands can locate a speech language pathologist/logopedist at www.stotteren.nl



Note: please read our disclaimer!

The following speech-language pathologists/therapists are available in the southeastern part of Norway, at Statped, Department of Speech and Language Disorders:  

Hilda Sønsterud, e-mail: hilda.sonsterud@statped.no, Speech and Language Therapist and Mentor
Ane Hestmann Melle: Ane.Hestmann.Melle@statped.no, Speech and Language Therapist
Karoline Hoff, e-mail: karoline.hoff@statped.no, Speech and Language Therapist

In the Western part of Norway, the following speech language pathologists/logopedists are available at Statped Vest:

Ragnhild Rekve Heitmann, email: (ragnhild.r.heitmann@statped.no) Speech and Language Therapist and Mentor

Gro Hartveit (email: gro.hartveit@statped.no) Speech and Language Therapist and Mentor

Siv Andresen (email: siv.andresen@statped.no) Speech and Language Therapist and Mentor

Both of the centres are owned by the State, and are managed by The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training in Norway, see www.statped.no for more information.




United States of America:

Note: please read our disclaimer

All speech language pathologists who are certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association are required to meet defined clinical competencies regarding clients with fluency disorders. Unfortunately, with regard to cluttering in particular the amount of exposure and experience may vary with the amount of training received specific to this fluency disorder. [add: www.stutteringspecialists.org

At this time clinicians known to us as having experience and an interest in treating cluttering are:


Maria Gurrister, CCC-SLP

Wasatch Speech & Language Center

2120 East 3900 South, Suite #100

Holladay, Utah 84124

Ph: (801) 308-0400

Fax: (801) 308-0401



Note: One should be able to find many clinicians with experience in the treatment of cluttering among speech language pathologists who have distinguished themselves as specialists in the treatment of fluency disorders. A convenient system for localizing board recognized specialists is available from http://www.stutteringspecialists.org/




Note: please read our disclaimer.

The country representative for Russia, Yulia Filatova (Юлия Филатова), reports the following speech language therapist/logopedist is available for treating cluttering:

    Lidia I. Beliakova, M.D.,

    Professor of Communication Disorders Department

    Moscow State Pedagogical University

    E-mail: caflogo@mpgu.umos.ru