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Message from the Coordinator of the International Cluttering Association (ICA)

Charley Adams, Ph.D.


     On behalf of those who clutter, their families and friends, and the researchers and professionals who specialize in this communication  disorder, I welcome you to our website. Cluttering is a communication disorder which has been documented in Europe since 1717. The first textbook on cluttering was written by Dr. Deso Weiss in 1964. Although cluttering has been researched by a few speech and language professionals, there has been renewed interest in cluttering among professionals of late. Reflecting that renewed interest, and honoring eastern European pioneers in cluttering, the First International Cluttering Conference was held in Bulgaria in May 2007. Here sixty individuals from eighteen countries met to share their research, their work and their insights about cluttering. It was at this conference that a unanimous decision was made to form the International Cluttering Association (ICA). We are extremely grateful to the organizers of the Bulgarian conference. It is because of their efforts to bring so many together that the formation of the International Cluttering Association has been possible.

The primary goal of the International Cluttering Association is to increase awareness and understanding of cluttering, and to improve treatment and quality of life for people who clutter. 

     Since the formation of the International Cluttering Association in May 2007, our membership has increased significantly. In addition, the International Cluttering Association currently has an executive committee, with chairs representing consumer, clinical and research interests, and international representatives from many countries working to increase awareness around the world. Our membership and leadership continue to grow.  

This website is designed for both those with general and specialized needs in cluttering. Through this website, we hope to provide information to the public about what cluttering is, how it is diagnosed and treated, and where consumers and their families can go to get more information, help and support. We also hope to develop a forum for experts in cluttering to share their work and to carry on fruitful research and clinical discussions. For speech-language pathologists who treat cluttering, those students who are studying to be speech-language pathologists, and those professors who teach them, we hope to provide resources for learning and teaching more about this communication disorder.

     This website has a wealth of information, and we add to it on a regular basis. Your suggestions are always welcome.  Thank you for your interest in the communication disorder of cluttering. We look forward to hearing from you!




   Charley Adams MSP, CCC-SLP

   Coordinator, International Cluttering Association

   Speech-Language Pathologist

   University of South Carolina, USA