MAAAS 2012 Conference

November 2-3, 2012

Hilton at the Ballpark Hotel, St. Louis, MO

Conference theme: "Africa and Her Resources"



Friday, November 2, 2012

8:15 FA07 Welcome/Opening Remarks

8:15 to 10:00   FA07  Cultural Resource Flows, Part I (immediately following Welcome) [Soulard]

  • Alain Lawo-Sukam (Texas A&M University), (Dis)interring the Afro-Hispanic Literature of Africa
  • Kofi Boukman R. Barima (University of Tennessee), Roots Reggae Music: Afro-Jamaica’s Grassroots Dialogue with Africa-The Source and Origins of their Pan-African Voice
  • Olubukola A. Gbadegesin (St. Louis University), Recuperating the Lives of Black Image-Makers

10:15 to 12:00  FB08  Cultural Resource Flows, Part II  [Ballpark III]

  • Susan E. Hume (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), A South African Curios Market as a Micro-scale Global Market Place
  • Genevieve Hill-Thomas (Indiana University Bloomington), Current Crisis/Traditional-Style Textiles: A Call for Environmental Awareness in Art History
  • Hadi Shateh (University of Kansas), Phases, Effects, and Causes of the Morphological Transformations of Cairo

1:30 to 3:15  FC09  Acculturation and Resources for Well Being  [Grand Suite III]

  • Ithar Hassaballa (University of Kansas), The New Face of Sudan: Patterns of Belief and Behavior Regarding Skin-Whitening Creams
  • Kendra Tatum (St. Louis University), When Being a Dark-Skinned Woman Becomes a Liability
  • Maureen Wangare Mungai and Glenn Adams (University of Kansas), Family Context as a Predictor of Acculturation and Psychological Well-being in African Immigrants in the U.S.
  • Lauren Renee Moore and Kathryn Rhine (University of Kansas), Methods and Medical Migrants: Professional Conferences as Ethnographic Research Sites

3:30 to 5:15  FD09  Educational and Religious Resources  [Ballpark III]

  • Eva Yerendé (Eatern New Mexico University), Souleymane Kanté and Ahmad Sekou Touré:  Guinean Visionaries for an Afrocentric Curriculum for All
  • Peter Ojiambo (University of Kansas), Gift of Education: Joseph Gikubu and the Development of Youth Education in Kenya, 1957 to Present;
  • Jamaine Abidogun (Missouri State University), The Influence of the Christian Educated Elite and International Church Organizations in Nigeria’s Higher Education System
  • Theo Randall (Indiana University South Bend), Crossing the Bridge: Reconnecting African-Americans to their African Heritage

5:30 to 7:00   Informal Reception  [Three Sixty rooftop bar in the Hilton]


Saturday, November 3, 2012

8:00 to 9:45  SA09  Identity, Community, and Violence  [Grand Suite III]

  • Angellar Manguvo (University of Missouri), Does violence beget violence? The prediction effects of exposure to political violence on violent behavior among Zimbabwean youth
  • Abdifatah Shafat (University of Kansas), Autochthony and Postelection Violence in Kenya
  • Mungai Mutonya (Washington University), Harnessing linguistic resources for social integration in Africa
  • Manfred O. Wogugu (University of Nebraska Omaha), Catastrophic Mortality, HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Human Development in Africa
  • Ifeyinwa Onyenekwu (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Beyond Cultural Differences: Revisiging Black Immigrants in Higher Education

10:00 to 11:45  SB08  Feminist Resources  [Laclede]

  • Emeka Anaza (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Gender Gendered sport in space and place: A tale of African women’s wasted resources
  • Nadia Brown (Saint Louis University), Towards a Black Feminist Ethnography
  • Tugce Kurtis and Glenn Adams (University of Kansas), A cultural psychology of relationship: Toward a transnational feminist psychology
  • Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka (University of Kansas), Efua Sutherland: Staged Resources

12:00 to 1:30  Lunch and Keynote Address [Manchester Room]  
        Niyi Coker (Univeristy of Missouri St. Louis), Africa's Cultural Resources and Its New World
        (Please pick up a boxed lunch between 12:00 and 12:15.)

1:30 to 3:15  SC08  Rural Environments and Environmental Resources [Soulard]

  • Ryan Gibb (University of Kansas), Accessing Rights in Rural Uganda: Land Tenure and Security in Rural Africa
  • Sterling Recker (University of Missouri St. Louis), Imihigo, Rural Development, and Local Accountability in 21st Century Rwanda
  • Erika B. Kraus (Michigan State University), People and Forests: A Case Study from Bénin, West Africa
  • Rai Saatvika (University of Kansas), During the Drought: Brief Historical Analysis of Drought in Kenya

3:30 to 5:15  SD06  Extraction and Exploitation of Resources [Grand Suite III]

  • Margaret Buckner (Missouri State University), Foreseeing "Unforeseen Consequences":  Gold Mining and Cocoa Farming in Ghana
  • Brian J. Hesse (Northwest Missouri State University), Eden Up for Grabs: The Seizing of Conservation Lands in Zimbabwe
  • John Cinnamon (Miami University) and Gustave Mabaza (Minikébé Project-WWF Gabon), Resource Extraction, Conservation, and the State in Northeastern Gabon
  • Leonard Gadzekpo (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Human and Raw Resources: Diamonds and Gold on the Soles of African Feet

5:30 to 6:00  MAAAS business meeting, closing remarks, and Ken Lohrentz Award Announcement        [room tba]