MAAAS 2014 Conference

October 3-4, 2014

University of Kansas

African Studies:
Concepts and Practices for Decolonizing Knowledge



Friday, October 3, 2014

1:00  Welcome and opening remarks

1:20 to 3:00  Decolonizing Archives (Commons, Spooner Hall)

  • Bridging Continents: Africanist Librarianship in the 21st Century  – Brian D. Moss (University of Kansas)
  • Disseminating Public Health and Development Knowledge through the Community Tool Box  – Ithar Hassaballa (University of Kansas), Stephen Fawcett (University of Kansas), Davison Munodawafa (World Health Organization), Peter Phori (World Health Organization),and Christina Hol (University of Kansas)
  • Decolonizing Biodiversity Knowledge: Digital Enabling of Botanical Data for West Africa  – A. Townsend Peterson (University of Kansas), A. Asase (University of Ghana), Jean Ganglo (University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin), Pierre Radji (University of Lomé, Togo), Omokafe Ugbogu (Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria), and Sainge Nsanyi Moses (Tropical Plant Exploration Group, Cameroon)
  • Decolonizing Understandings of Rhetoric and Nation Building in the Work of Kenya’s Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission  – Lindsay Harroff (University of Kansas)

3:00 to 3:20  Break

3:00 to 4:30  Decolonizing the Past (Commons, Spooner Hall)

  • Religious Practice and Decolonial Imaginaries in Equatorial Africa  – John Cinnamon (Miami University)
  • Conflict versus Cohabitation: Uncovering the African-Indigenous World of Sixteenth Century Mexico  – Robert C. Schwaller (University of Kansas)
  • “Archdemon” Walter E. Owen and Edith B. Downer: Rewriting Missionary Experience in Colonial Kenya  – Hannington Ochwada (University of Kansas)
  • Ade-Ajayi and the Study of African History  – Bukola Oyeniyi (Missouri State University)

5:00-7:00  Informal Happy Hour: Oread Hotel

7:00-9:00  Movie at MAAAS: Lumumba (2000) (Malott Room, Kansas Union)




Saturday, October 4, 2014

8:00 to 9:00 Breakfast and MAAAS Business Meeting (Commons, Spooner Hall)

9:00 to 10:40 Ken Lohrentz Graduate Paper Award Presentations (Malott Room, Kansas Union)

  • Progress Towards Sustainable and Equitable Waste Management at the University of Ghana, Legon  – Matt DeCapo (Kansas State University)
  • Traveling to Nontraditional Destinations: 5 Things Americans Should Know Before Studying Abroad to "Africa"  – Ifeyinwa Onyenekwu (University of Illinois)
  • Confronting the Elephant in the Room: Race in South Africa Twenty Years after Democracy  – Elene Cloete (University of Kansas)
  • Links between Women’s Empowerment and Fourth Wave Democratization in Predominantly-Muslim States  – Ginger Feather (University of Kansas)

9:00 to 10:40 Decolonial Encounters (Commons, Spooner Hall)

  • Service and Study Abroad: A Challenge to Global Citizenship Education  – Katie Gauthier Donnelly (Saint Louis University)
  • The Lie of the Lion: Racialization of Nature in the Safari  – Cassie M. Hays (Gettysburg College)
  • Sacred Grove Dynamics in the Republic of Benin  – Erika Kraus (Michigan State University)
  • An Instance of African Modernity:  Manjako Age Sets Make History  – Margaret Buckner (Missouri State University)

10:40 to 11:00 Break

11:00 to 12:40  Panel Discussion: The Role of Extended Family in Raising Children with Special Needs: Implications for Community-Based Rehabilitation in Africa (Malott Room, Kansas Union)

  • Victoria Chikodi Onu, University of Nigeria
  • Wilfred Chukwudi Onu, Director & Co-owner, Shalom Academy, Nsukka, Nigeria
  • Nkemjika Helen Asadu, Principal
  • Geoffrey Ndubisi Asadu, Barrister and Social Welfare Officer, Nsukka Local Government
  • Nnenna Liziana Onuigbo, University of Nigeria; Ngozi Obiyo, University of Nigeria
  • Augustina Nwamaka Ugwu, Head Mistress, Center for Academic and Vocational Training for Special Needs Children Nsukka (CAVTSN), Nsukka, Nigeria
  • Dorothy Ukamaka Abugu, Assistant Head Mistress, Center for Academic and Vocational Training for Special Needs Children Nsukka (CAVTSN), Nsukka, Nigeria

This presentation is part of the Nigeria Public Affairs Program, Missouri State University sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, Public Affairs Division, Abuja, Nigeria and Provost Office, Missouri State University. Program Coordinator:  Dr. Jamaine Abidogun, Missouri State University (417) 836-5916; jamaineabidogun@missouristate.edu

11:00 to 12:40  Decolonizing Representations (Commons, Spooner Hall)

  • Africans Read Shakespeare  – Leonard Gadzekpo (Southern Illinois University - Carbondale)
  • “Anansi Meets Peter Parker”: Uses of the SpiderMan in African Diaspora Literature  – Giselle Anato, (University of Kansas)
  • Decolonizing Images…From Thiaroye to Katanga  – Andre Siamundele (Wells Colleg)e
  • Transformative Aesthetics: Ndebele Identity in South African Visual Culture  – Adrienne Walker Hoard (University of Missouri - Kansas City)

1:00 to 2:20  Lunch and Keynote Address (Commons)

  • Building from the South: Comparative Urbanism from African Knowledge Bases  – Garth A. Myers (Trinity College)

2:20 to 4:20  Revolt and Reform (Malott Room, Kansas Union)

  • Democracy and Corruption in Mali: The Case for Election Campaign Finance Reform  – Stephen A. Harmon (Pittsburg State University)
  • The Land Reform in Zimbabwe: Myths and Realities  – Angellar Manguvo (University of Missouri - Kansas City)
  • Rwanda in 2014:  Policy implementation in a post-genocide country  – Sterling Recker (Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville)
  • Genocide as Oppressors' Revolt?  Rwanda, 1994  – David N. Smith (University of Kansas)
  • Decolonizing and Deconstructing African Knowledge/Stereotypes in a Globalizing Era  – Manfred O. Wogugu (University of Nebraska at Omaha)

2:20 to 5:00  Decolonizing Gender (Commons, Spooner Hall)

    Part 1 (2:20 to 3:35):  Nigerian Cases

  • Strengthening Gender Research to Improve Girls’ and Women’s Education in Nigeria  – Jamaine Abidogun (Missouri State University)
  • She Lives Dangerously: Grammatical Personhood, Intimate Ethics, and HIV/AIDS in Northern Nigeria  – Kathryn A. Rhine (University of Kansas)
  • (De)Mobilizing Women: Discourses of Sex, Mobility, and National Honor in Nigeria  – Stacey Vanderhurst (Indiana University )

    Break (3:35 to 3:45)

    Part 2 (3:45 to 5:00):  Sex and Marriage

  • Afrobeat Queens and the Decolonial Turn  – Oladotun Ayobade (University of Texas)
  • Of Traditions, and Meaning: Gender and Marriage Institutions in West Africa  – Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka (University of Kansas)
  • Old Margins Becoming New Frontiers: The New Trend of African Traditional Weddings among Young African-American Students/Graduates in the United States  – Mary Mba (University of Kansas)