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Links of Interest

Explore the links below to see pages about resources for children, organizations/other links, caves/rockshelters, mounds, petroglyphs, and sites.

Resources for Children

MacQuest Program
NPS Archeology for Kids
DIG: the archaeology magazine for children

Organizations/Other Links

Archaeological Institute of America (St. Louis Chapter) Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation
Archaeological Research Center (St. Louis) Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)
Archaeological Survey of Missouri Missouri Division of State Parks
Archaeology for the Public (SAA) Missouri State Museum (artifacts found there)
Arkansas Archeological Survey Mound City Archaeological Society
Arkansas Novaculite A Virtual Comparative Collection Museum of Anthropology (UMC)
Brief Guide to Missouri Projectile Points Passport in Time (USDA Forest Service volunteer program)
Cave Archaeology Investigation Research Network Project Archaeology
Center for Archaeological Research (MSU)
Dirt Brothers Society for American Archaeology (SAA)
Eastern States Rock Art Research Association State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
Experimental Archaeology—Garden UM–St. Louis Anthropology Department
First Nations Seeker (North American Indian directory) Uncovering Ancient St. Louis (film)
Fossil Science News What's the Point?: Identifying Flint Artifacts
Loveland Stoneage Fair  
MAC Quest Program (fourth-grade educational site)  


Arnold Research Cave Jakie Shelter (23BY388)
Bonacker Site (23JS40) Langelier Rockshelter No. 3 Site (23JE377)
Bone Cave Miller's Cave Site (23PU2)
Cobb Cave (23CN71) Moss Shelter
Dahl Site (23CY216) Renaud Cave (23PH16)
Goat Bluff Cave (23PU44) Rice Rockshelter Site (23SN200)
Graham Cave (23MT2) Rodgers Shelter (23BE125)
Hidden Valley Rockshelter (23JS7) Sell Cave (23PU30)
Jacob's Cavern Site (23MD149) Tick Creek Cave (23PH145)


Frontier/Historic Sites

Arrow Rock School Poplar Street Bridge
Becky Thatcher Site Quinette Cemetery
Boone's Lick State Historic Site Roubidoux Row
Cochran Gardens Squire House
Fort Zumwalt State Capital
Galbraith Site St. Ferdinand
Gestring Site St. Louis Trails
Kupferle Foundary Thornhill Archaeological Site (23SL220)
Laclede's Landing Site Tocco
Lemp Avenue Site Trail of Tears (Natchitoches Trace)
Mullanphy Park Whitehaven Site
Pony Express Stables Worthy Woman Site



Apple Mound (23BO5) Jenni Mound (23JO60)
Avondale Mound Karr's Camp Mound (23BE117)
Bain Mound (23BO4) Kuhs Mound (23SL639)
Babcock Mound (23JPL) Lilbourn Site (23MN49)
Blake Mound (23SL51) Lost Hill Mounds Site (23PH13)
Bowling Stone Mound (23CE152) Mendenhall Mound (23BO87)
Boyce Mound and Village Murphy Site (23PM43)
Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site Nolan Mound
Campbell Site (23PM5) O'Fallon Park Mound (23SL7)
Chariton Mound (23CH55) Pearl Mound
Dawson Mounds (23BO9) River Bend Sites (23SL78 & 79)
Easley Mounds (Fowke Site 10) Shepherd Mound
Elm Point (23SC58) Schock Mound (23JO19)
Fairfield Mound (23BE6) Solto Mound (23SC12)
Fern Ridge Mounds (23SL1175) Sugarloaf Mound (23SL9)
Gibbs Mounds (23BO8) St. Jo Mounds (23JO1 and 23JO35)
Govro Mound (23JO57) Towosaghy Site (23MI2)
Gravois Bluff (23SL1064) Westhaven Site (23BO369)
Hoecake Mound (23MI8) Wickliffe Mounds, Kentucky (15BA4)
Hopper Mound (23BO1) Wray-Martin Mound 1 (23BE3)
Indian Hill Mound (St. Louis County)  

Petroglyphs and Pictographs

Index to Rock Art Pages Rattlesnake Bluff (23FR95)
Big Moniteau Rock Art Site (23BO476) Salt River Pictograph Site (23RA101)
Bourbeuse Site (23FR152) Sandstone Shelter, Warren County
Bushberg-Meissner Rock Art Site (23JE367) Sharpsburg Rock Art Site (23MA7)
Bushberg-Meissner Cave Site (23JE627) Spanish Cave
Bushnell Ceremonial Cave (23SG89) Spout Spring (23WB1393)
Commerce Rock Art Site (23ST255) Stuesse Shelter (23FR170)
Henderson Spring Sulphur Springs Bluff (23JE1934)
Holliday Rock Art Site (23MN1) Tavern Cave (23FR237)
Indian Rock Pictograph Site (23JE634) Thousand Hills State Park
Lone Rock Petroglyph (23SR2091) Tonky West Shelter (23CR215)
Lost Creek Turtle Shelter Rock Art Site (23CY554)
Maddin Creek Rock Art Site Wallen Creek (23WA7)
Mitchell Site (23RN01) Washington State Park Group A
Mount Zion Site (23JE644) Washington State Park Group B
Nebraska Rock Art Wenkle Petroglyph (23FR111)
Painted Rock (23OS5) White Rock
Peene-Murat Site (23GA22) Willenberg Shelter (23FR96)
Paydown Deer Pictograph (23MS069)  


Antire Creek (23SL62) Little Hills Expressway Site (23SC572)
Apple Creek Site (23PY1706) Little Osage Site (23SA3)
Arch-Wilson Site (23PU161) Loftin (23SN42) and Cantwell (23SN389) sites
Bear Creek Site (23MT1491) Martens Site (23SL222) (Clovis)
Beulah Site Mastodon Site/Kimmswick Bone Bed
Bridgeton Site (23SL442) Mastodon State Park (Missouri State Parks)
Byrd Site (23MI53) Matthews Site (23NM3)
Cahokia McCormack Site (23JO21)
CC Field Site (23TE1223) McDonnell Douglas Site (23SC1006)
CC Hilltop Site (23TE1224) Mellor Site (23CP1)
Cloverdale (23BN2) Mendenhall Village (23BO86)
Coldwater Ice Age Locality Montgomery Site (23CE261)
Courtois Creek Site (23WA72) Mount India Cairn (23HI30)
Crescent Chert Quarries Musick's Ferry Site (23SL17)
Creve Coeur Site (23SL20) Nebo Hill Site (23CL11)
Cub Creek Site (23WA71) New Market Site (23MA122)
Davis Site (23SL66) Old Fort (23SA104)
Delaware Town (23CN1) Virtual Museum O'Malley Site (23TE54)
Deister Site (23PL2) Old Monroe Site (23LN104) (Burkemper Site)
Domebo Mammoth Kill Site (34CD50) Pac Man Site (23SL370)
Drecksage Site (23SC7) Patterson Spring (23CN64)
DS Site (23MS1146) Peterson Clovis Site
EA Site (23HD115) Piazza Site (23FR300)
First State Capitol (23SC678) (St. Charles, Missouri) The Pocket Eddy Site (23PU165)
Fisher-Gabbert Site (23SA128) The Prospect Spring Site (23GR711)
Fern Site (23SL2307) Rabanus Site (23SL859)
Fort Smith (23BN71) Ranken Mound (23SL161)
Fuller Site (23GR68) Renner-Brenner Site (23PL1)
Givens Site (23SA1) Scott Joplin Historic Site
Gronefeld Site (23SC51) SC View Site (23FR1543)
Halmich Collection (Eastcentral Missouri) Shriver Site (23DV12)
Hart Site (23PH234) Smallwood Site (23PH283)
Hayden Site (23SL36) Spiro, Oklahoma (artifacts)
Hazelwood Site (23SL1056) STAP Site (23HD110)
Herrell Village (23JV55) Stelzer Site (23SE910)
Iliniwek Village (23CK116) Steed-Kisker Site (23PL13)
Imhoff Site (23CP7) Trowbridge Site (14WY1) (Kansas City, Kansas)
Indian Trails in St. Louis County Truman Road Site (23SL924)
James River Turner Station Site (23GR10A)
Kauffman (23JE206) Turner-Snodgrass Site (23BU21A)
Kimmswick Site (Mastodon State Historic Site) Utz Site (23SA2)
King Hill Site (23BN1) Wakenda Site (23CA1)
Koch Spring Site West Bank Site (23PU171)
Laclede's Landing Site W. Chapman Site (23PK46)
Lakenan Site (23SY01) Young Site (23PL4)
Lakenan Ridge Site (23SY03) 23SL353
Landlevel Site 1 (23NM154)  
Landlevel Site 2 (23MI69)  
Landlevel Site 3 (23MI510)  
Leary Site (25RH1)  
Leslie Mine (23FR115)  
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