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Paleoindian Point Recording Project

The MAS is reinitiating the Paleoindian Point Survey and urgently requests all Missouri avocational and professional archaeologists to participate in this very important effort. This survey will make a significant contribution towards an Americas-wide effort to study this time period.

There are at least five reasons we should record Missouri’s Paleoindian points.

  1. It will provide a major source of information about a poorly understood time period in Missouri.
  2. The information will aid in the search for additional undisturbed Paleoindian sites.
  3. Measurements will help identify subtypes and varieties, and also their spatial distribution.
  4. Invaluable information will be saved that would otherwise be lost.
  5. The data will provide information for the Paleoindian Database of the Americas (PIDBA).

This activity should offer a very satisfying project for MAS members, avocationals and professionals alike. If you don’t have Paleoindian points to register, you can record them from other people’s collections. You could also write an article for the MAS Quarterly to share this information with others.

Visit the Paleoindian Database of the Americas.

Get a Missouri Paleoindian Point Data Form (PDF article: the form is on page 10).

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