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The MAS Quarterly

The Society published the MAS Newsletter, which from October 1946 through June 1981 (issue 353) appeared 10 times a year and through December 1983 (issue 376) in 5 double issues a year. In 1984, the Newsletter was replaced by the MAS Quarterly. The purpose of the MAS Quarterly is to present new and ongoing research, teach readers about the archaeology of Missouri, and to provide information about local chapter activities, the annual meeting, ongoing fieldwork, and other topics of interest.

To the Point

To see excerpts from past editions, see the Artifact Identification page.

Attention Bargain Hunters!
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An entire set of the MAS Quarterly can be purchased for $30, plus $8 shipping and handling. The MAS Quarterly has been in circulation since 1984, and with 4 issues a year, that's 100+ issues for one very low price. For those of you who weren't members from "the early days," here's an opportunity to catch up.

Some issues are out of print, so gaps in the set are present (for instance, Volume 3 is completely gone). A set consists of all remaining issues up to, but not including, the current membership year.

If you'd like to order a set, you may do so with the order form on our Web site, or, you may order with a MasterCard or Visa by calling the MAS office.

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