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Support the MAS

Society Funds

Donations are welcome to any of the Society funds (e.g., the Jesse Wrench Scholarship Fund, the Lehmer Research Fund, the Chapman Memorial Fund, and the General Fund). Monetary gifts support outreach of archaeological information to the public and aid in the preservation of Missouri's past. Society members' generosity allows for the continuation of these programs and the development of new ones. Help preserve our history for future generations.

75th Anniversary Fund (75th Anniversary Capital Campaign)

The MAS Board of Directors voted to initiate a fundraising activity to coincide with the celebration of our 75th Anniversary. Our funding objectives, as stated in 1935, are to further the scientific and educational understanding of Missouri's past. Additional objectives included dissemination of related information through publications, as well as the recordation and preservation of sites and related materials.

The campaign goal is to raise $20,000 in contributions, so that the resulting yearly interest supports the MAS educational objectives. The educational programs to be supported include: Archaeology Month, school outreach, and membership training. These contributions are fully tax deductible.

It is anticipated that, in future years, the 75th Anniversary Fund will permit increased funding for educational activities due to annual interest growth.

Jesse Wrench Scholarship Fund

Interest proceeds from this fund, set up in memory of the Society’s first president, Jesse Wrench, finance $1000 annually for a deserving undergraduate at any Missouri university or college.

Hamilton Memorial Fund

In memory of the Society’s long-time second president, Henry Hamilton, and of his brother Ted M. Hamilton, this fund helps finance field programs.

Lehmer Research Fund

In memory of a long-time member, this fund provides research support for archaeological projects, especially for materials collected in connection with the Society’s field programs.

Kelly, Mohrman, McKinney, Nichols Memorial Fund

In memory of long-time members, this fund helps finance slide shows and other educational materials for use by schools and institutions.

Chapman Color Publication Fund

Recently, the MAS board voted to print four pages in one MAS Quarterly annually in color. Although this increases printing costs considerably (by over one third of current costs), the Board feels that color photographs will appeal greatly to our members. This activity will be supported by the Chapman Fund. This fund was originally created in honor of Carl Chapman, our long-time MAS Secretary, and his wife Eleanor after their untimely deaths in 1987. Donations were designated to annually fund publications. The fund has been renamed the Chapman Color Publication Fund and any donations to same will be used for that purpose.

Blake Memorial Fund

In memory of a long-time member and Society officer, this fund provides research support for archaeological–biological analyses.

Earl Lubensky Fund

Supports field work and archaeological instruction for MAS members.

General Fund

Supports general administration, the annual meeting, and other projects.

Make a Gift

Should you choose to make a gift, you can be sure that it will be used to support MAS educational and research objectives. You can direct your gift to a specific fund (see below), or to general operating expenses.


You can deduct cash gifts for up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. On a $1,000 cash gift in a 28% tax bracket, you save $280 in taxes.

Appreciated Stock

Appreciated stock (held more than one year) makes an excellent gift. You avoid all capital gains taxes, receive a tax deduction, and you can deduct up to 30% of your adjusted gross income.


This approach, which covers 1–5 years, allows the MAS to plan on future contributions. If you wish, we can send reminders on the anniversary of your gift. Each annual gift is fully tax deductible.

Bequest through a Will

One of the simplest ways to donate is to give of your estate. After others have been provided for, you can make a gift bequest of a dollar amount, specific property, percentage of the estate, or remaining amount.


The MAS office is available to help you plan, suggest language for bequests, and help guide you through the process to accomplish your philanthropic goals for your personal and family objectives. If you are interested in making a planned-giving contribution to the 75th Anniversary Capital Campaign and require additional information about gifts of cash, stock, pledges, or bequests, please Contact Us.

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