Missouri American Regions Mathematics League

Missouri ARML, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing a forum for students to study challenging mathematics, to engage in sophisticated problem solving, and to prepare a team to represent Missouri at the National Tournament of the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML). The contest is held once each year at four sites in the nation, usually on the first Saturday in June. The Missouri team goes to the Iowa City site, and other states compete at the Atlanta, Penn State, or UNLV sites. The results are combined to produce national individual and team champions, as well as rankings for the teams.

The Head Coach of the Missouri team is Rick Armstrong of St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley (retired). Rick can be reached at: rickarmstrongpi@gmail.com.

The MO-ARML team currently practices in two sites - St. Louis and Springfield. The St. Louis practices are run by Rick Armstrong. The Springfield practices are run by Yungchen Cheng of Missouri State University. Yungchen can be reached at: yungchencheng@missouristate.edu.

Beginning in September, 2015, there will also be a practice site in Columbia run by Stephen Montgomery of the University of Missouri. Stephen can be contacted at: stephen@missouri.edu.

Practices are held several times each year at the two sites. The St. Louis site generally meets on Sunday afternoons and the Springfield site on Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons. Participation in the practice sessions is encouraged but not required.

Missouri has generally entered two teams in the ARML contest for the past several years. Each team consists of up to 15 students and the determination of which students are on the A Team is made by the coaches, based upon the students performance on various contests (AMC, ML, …) and their performance and ability to work well within the group at practices.

Team members are transported to Iowa City on the Thursday before the contest. Students stay in a dormitory on the University of Iowa campus. The team will hold practice sessions on Friday in preparation for the contest on Saturday. Team members then return home Saturday. The cost for the trip is sometimes paid by a student's school or by a community organization.

For more information about ARML, visit their website.

Missouri-ARML is an affiliate of the Missouri Council of Teacher of Mathematics.