IMA Conference Agenda

September 20, 2017

7:15 AM                       Breakfast

8:00                             Welcome & Opening

8:10                             Keeping Your Life In Order - Gregory Blake

9:40                             Expectations Met? - What Do We Know Now - Chris Kuehl

11:10                            Cybersecurity: Current Trends and Attacks - Shannon McMurtrey

Noon                           Lunch   

1:15 PM                        Concurrent Session A

                                   Selfless & Stress Free Leadership for Accountants - Gregory Blake     

                                   Exit Planning - Jeff Shore

                                    What Really Matters with Social Media for Your Business - Elizabeth McCreight

2:45                             Concurrent Session B

                                    What Managers Must Know to Avoid Wrongful Discharge Claims - Chris Thrutchley

                                   The Basics of Business Valuations - Troy Luh

                                   ACA Update - Jamie Brummett

4:10                            Espionage and Fraud from the Inside - Joanne Phillips 


September 21, 2017

7:15 AM                      Breakfast

8:00                            Welcome & Opening

8:10                             Power Excel - Bill Jelen

9:40                            Concurrent Session C

                                   Improving Your Security Posture with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework - Shannon McMurtrey

                                   Business Tax Update - Kassie Jarvis & Greg Bush

                                   Power Tools in Excel - Bill Jelen

10:45                         Ethics 2.0 - Dr. Andrew Urich

12:00PM                   Lunch

1:15                            Ethics 2.0 continued - Dr. Andrew Urich

2:45                          Concurrent Session D

                                  Individual Tax Update - Megan Cannon & Jeff Shore

                                  Becoming Your Best: Setting Yourself Apart as a Professional - Molly Davis

                                  Intellectual Property Management - Crissa Cook

3:50                          JKHY: From Small Town Roots to Financial Software Giant - Kevin Williams

Course Descriptions:

Keeping Your Life in Order—Gregory Blake

You will discover in this engaging, energizing and “edutaining” interactive session:

  • Things I can Control. Things I can influence. Things I can’t control.
  • 7 “Demandments” for being an excellent accountant in 2017.
  • Why passion and attitude is more important than skills, experience and ability.
  • The 17% Premium, the 65% Regular and the 18% Unleaded Accountants.
  • The wants and needs of Gen X and Millennial associates.
  • The definition of an “Energy Vampire.”
  • The 5 Laws of Appreciation in the workplace.
  • The TOP 5 reasons I will join your accounting firm.
  • The STAR Method for Tracking Your own Performance and adding value to the org.
  • It is not about me. It is about WE.

Expectations Met? - What Do We Know Now — Chris Kuehl

The year started with a long list of factors that were to change. Where are we with that and what happened to the agenda? Will these issues impact the rest of the year and into 2018? The contest thus far has been between confidence and expectation vs. the hard reality of slow change when it comes to economic trends.

Cybersecurity: Current Trends and Attacks - Shannon McMurtrey

This session will look closer at the alleged Russian hack of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.  By examining publicly available and verifiably true information, we can gather details that may help our organizations avoid falling victim to the same type of attack. 

Selfless and Stress Free Leadership for Accountants—Gregory Blake

Have you ever heard anyone say, “He or she has such a strong rest ethic!” No, it is always a work ethic. The secret to being a healthy leader is not the discontinuance of work, but the regularity of a pause.  You will discover in this stress free interactive session:

  • There is a price to pay if you are a stress-filled accountant.
  • The 7C’s accountant who is gaining willing “followership” from his or her colleagues.
  • The “baggage” I bring to work and how it impacts morale.
  • The importance of EQ with IQ.
  • 85% of the reason you get ahead in your career as an accountant is due to your people skills!
  • The Top 10 List of things that give us a boost as accountants.

What is really important at the end of the day...your life resume!

Exit Planning – Jeff Shore

Every business owner needs to prepare themselves for the inevitable; the fact that they can’t run their business forever.  We will discuss an exit planning mindset and the steps necessary to maximize value when the time comes to move on.  We will cover how the exit strategy process plays in to the business owners’ long term goals and what’s next. 

What Really Matters With Social Media for Your Business —Elizabeth McCreight

Determine how to measure results and create the best content for your social media page. Learn new trends and techniques for using various platforms depending on your audience. Connect to your community and grow your online presence through social media strategy.

What Managers Must Know to Avoid Wrongful Discharge Claims—Chris Thrutchley

In this session, you will learn practical strategies every manager must know to minimize risk of costly employment claims and put your organization in the best position to defeat wrongful discharge claims.  You will learn how to help your leaders at all levels exercise the C.A.R.E. necessary to effectively manage employee performance and behavior problems—the source of most wrongful discharge claims—in a way that proves clearly and convincingly the legitimate, nondiscriminatory, and nonretaliatory reasons for any discipline or discharge decision. 

The Basics of Business Valuation—Troy Luh

This presentation will focus on the purposes of a business valuation and the common methods used in practice. Business valuation has become one of the most demanded niche services in industry and is a vital element used for due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. 

Managers and accountants need to know the effect of purchased goodwill on the financial statements of their company.   A focus will be on determining a fair price for the sale/purchase of a business and the background and credentials recognized in the industry  and required for a valuation expert.   

ACA Update—Jamie Brummitt

The Affordable Care Act was signed in March 2010 and began a whirlwind of regulation, taxes, fees, and complexities right from the start.  There was a phased approach for implementation of the ACA with many provisions effective in 2012, 2014 and 2015.  The future of the ACA is uncertain following a major political shift in Washington.  Regardless of the future of the ACA it has impacted millions of Americans, business owners, and employees alike.  The session will:

  • Review the ACA to date.
  • Discuss the future of the ACA and the impact on employers.
  • Provide an update on any Repeal/Replace action in Washington.
  • Cover other important regulations such as GINA, ADA, and ERISA.

Espionage and Fraud from the Inside—Joanne Phillips

While companies spend thousands on attack and penetration audits to uncover security weaknesses which may be exploited by outsiders, often they overlook a closer threat:  Their own employees.  Revenge of the Cube Dweller, published in July 2014, tells the story of a low-level employee who becomes disgruntled and commits fraud and sabotage upon her employer.  Redemption of the Cube Dweller, published in July 2017, tells the tale of a bid-rigging and skimming from charities.

In this program, you will learn:

  • Why employees commit fraud or espionage.
  • What common security lapses provide the opportunity for bad behavior.
  • What controls could prevent or detect employee fraud or espionage

Power Excel - Bill Jelen

Description:  Learn amazing new tricks and techniques in Microsoft Excel. From secret pivot table tricks to amazing formulas and shortcuts, you should be able to save 50 hours a year with the techniques in this session.

Improving Your Security Posture with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework - Shannon McMurtrey

This session will introduce you to a framework that can scale up or down, as your organizational needs require, to help you identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber attacks.  Come and learn about the principles that must be in place for your organization to have a healthy cybersecurity program.

Business Tax Update – Kassie Jarvis & Greg Bush

With a change in the White House, jobs have become the focus in our economy.  We will look at changes in the law and discuss current proposals that impact businesses.  With a business, there are a multitude of considerations to understand.  We will introduce you to depreciation considerations and discuss various credits that will help reduce your tax burden.

Power Tools in Excel - Bill Jelen

Microsoft has been releasing many new free tools that work with Excel. Take a look at great new features such as: (a) Data Cleansing with Power Query, (b) Geographic Analysis with Power Map, (c) Replacing VLOOKUP with Power Pivot, and (d) Publishing interactive Excel dashboards to your iPhone or Android using Power BI.

Ethics 2.0—Dr. Andrew Urich

This program focuses on raising consciousness of factors impacting ethical behavior.  Topics include: 1) A look at bias and conflict of interest from a neuroscience point of view. 2) The ingrained character traits of honesty, fairness, humility and intellectual bravery. 3) The role of corporate culture and incentives as an influence to employee behavior. 4) The impact of power and willful blindness in ethical decision making.   This program relies on case problems and discussions to help achieve the objectives and reinforce the concepts. 

Individual Tax Update – Megan Cannon & Jeff Shore

Join us as we cover recent developments affecting the taxation of individuals, including legislation, cases & IRS guidance.  We will emphasize implementation in an effort to formulate and apply tax strategies that minimize tax on personal income tax returns.  In addition, we will compare and contrast the proposed tax plans on the horizon for 2017, and the tax consequences to individuals of each plan.

Becoming Your Best: Setting Yourself Apart as a Professional—Molly Davis

Creating your brand: your appearance, choices, behavior, and voice.  Figure out what sets you apart– build and market yourself upon that.  Building upon your current resume.

Intellectual Property Management—Crissa Cook

This session will discuss patents and intellectual property and how financial managers can work with intellectual property attorneys to help products go from the research & development stage to a commercially successful product. 

JKHY: From Small Town Roots to Financial Software Giant—Kevin Williams

Jack Henry and Jerry Hall launched a software company in the back of a small engine repair shop using a borrowed computer.  Forty years later, Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., is one of the leading financial services and technology providers with approximately 6,000 associates and over 50 locations around the United States.  We started with one community bank and now serve over 10,000 diverse organizations with our financial services and our annual revenues are now over $1.4 billion.



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