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Statewide Restorative Practices Conference, April 8, 2022, via Zoom

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The Missouri Restorative Justice Coalition is a group of stakeholders interested in promoting restorative practices in Missouri. The group was convened to implement the Missouri Restorative Justice Initative in 2005. The Initiative was sponsored by the Center for Women in Transition ( The Initiative has now been completed and the Coalition has become a nonprofit organization that continues to promote restorative practices in the state.

What we’ve done

Since 2005, the MORJC has played a major role through education, training, and advocacy in the spread of restorative justice knowledge and practice in the state of Missouri. To date the organization has accomplished the following:

  • Numerous trainings and conferences in restorative practices have been conducted, including a statewide conference in 2017 with over 150 attendees.
  • 16 juvenile courts in the state are utilizing restorative justice principles.
  • The Department of Corrections has implemented several restorative justice programs.
  • Several school districts in Missouri have incorporated restorative justice practices into their curricula and discipline procedures.
  • Several adult courts have implemented restorative programs, such as Victim Impact Panels and Victim Offender Dialogue or Mediation.

Where we're going

The Coalition has made great strides, but much more work is yet to be done! Ongoing projects include:

  • Providing a statewide conference on restorative practices in 2022
  • Continued work with adult court stakeholders to promote the use of restorative justice in adult courts
  • Increasing the number of circuits that utilize Victim Offender Dialogue and Mediation and other restorative practices
  • Increasing the number of school-based restorative discipline projects
  • Implementing restorative justice programs at the community level across the state
  • Educating both the public and policymakers about restorative justice principles, programs, and benefits
  • Increasing the number of training and conference offerings


The administrative functions of the MORJC are maintained by the Center for Dispute Resolution at Missouri State University.